RIT METAL is a surgical instrument manufacturer and medical products marketer based in Sialkot, Pakistan. RIT METAL has been providing high quality surgical instruments, medical equipment and supplies to surgeons, veterinarians, medical hospitals and other health care professionals. The foundation of RIT METAL ‘ business is our commitment to provide you with high quality products at an excellent value.

RIT METAL offers you a wide selection for surgical instruments based on instrument type, quality and value. RIT METAL offers most instruments in three different grades to accommodate any budget and need for instrumentation.

This website represents a sampling of the various types of surgical instruments, accessories and time-saving devices RIT METAL can provide. If you are looking for an instrument not listed on this website, please contact our office at rit@ritmetal.com for availability and current pricing.

In addition, RIT METAL can custom order instruments for you based on your specifications. RIT METAL also offers a conditional return policy for most of our products, for more information please contact our office. We pride ourselves on being able to find the right instrument or product you need for your practice.

We appreciate your interest in our surgical products. RIT METAL will work hard to continue to earn your business by providing you with excellent customer service and a fantastic value for your product purchases. We will do our best to work with your budget, and inventory any items upon request.

We believe that you should get your money's worth. Our product is made from the finest raw material,
Punctuality is the cornersonte of our values. We use the reliable DHL for our courier services.
At RIT METAL ® we deal in a variety of surgical and medical instruments at use.